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Here you'll find the answers to some frequently asked questions. If your question is not answered here please feel free to contact us via our on-site chat button or you can aways email us at info@malletandplane.com

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Q: Will my product be exactly as seen in the picture?

A: We work with natural raw materials, hand dyed fabrics, and everything in our natural mango wood furniture collection is hand made by real artisans. This means there can be natural variations between products and batches and a slightly flexible tolerance in dimensions. Natural wood grain, position of knots, surface inclusions, slight variance in colour tone are all part of the natural patina of the product and represent its individuality and character and are considered o be a valuable element to each piece's uniqueness. If, on the other hand, you are buying from our packed flat, upholstered or metal collections, these should be the same as in the photo with little expected variation between pieces.

Q: Are your products self assembly?

A: Our artisanal mango wood products are hand made by carpenters so they are mainly pre-built. You may need to carry out minimal assembly on certain items such as screwing in the legs as this helps cut the packaging bulk and allows for easier delivery. If you select one of our packed flat products these are delivered in optimised packaging to reduce waste and also come with clear instructions for self-assembly and include all the tools you’ll need to build it.

Q: Are your products fully compliant?

A: We have validated certifications for all of the material we use for sustainability, fire retardency and EU / UK importation compliances.

Q: I’ve received my tracking number but it is not recognised.

A: Tracking numbers are issued when the goods are ready for collection by DHL. Once they have been collected the tracking link will be live. Usually collections are made in the afternoon, so the tracking will be live by 6pm. If the link is not live after 6pm please contact us via email with your order number and we will investigate with the warehouse for you.

Q: My payment card has failed when making a purchase

A: Please check that you have entered the correct address for the payment card along with the correct post code where it is registered, if these do not match then the payment will fail.


Q: Do you ship overseas?

A: Mallet & Plane is a UK company serving the domestic market, however there are some products that we may be abe to ship to you in the USA or Europe. Please send us an email at info@malletandplane.com with the details of what you are interested in purchasing and the desination and we will get back to you.


Q: Is MalletandPlane insured?

A: Yes, malletandplane.com is fully insured as a business for public and product liability with Hiscox Insurance.


Q: Is the solid wood furniture treated against pests?

A: All of our solid mango wood furniture is triple treated to a gold standard against pest infestation such as woodworm. Our products cannot be imported to the UK without pest treatment certification. It is highly unlikely that you will experience any woodworm issues with our products, however we will cover the product against this happening for up to 3 months after your delivery date. If you do notice anything such as small amounts of wood dust on the floor or wood surface please advise us straight away, sending photos to info@malletandplane.com

Q: I have received my item but there is a problem with it.

A: In the unlikely event that you receive an item that is faulty or transport damaged please notify us immediately via email with your order number along with photos of the damage or issue and a photo of the box it came in along with a photo of the label on the outside of the box. Once we have these we can proceed to resolve the issue for you. Please send your email to info@malletandplane.com


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