What does your bedside table say about you?

Whether you're following the latest trend from Elon and having social media conversations about bedside tables or simply looking for a new  piece of solid mango wood furniture to complete your bedroom, malletandplane has a stunning selection of solid wood bedside tables that are sure to appeal. Available in both standard and compact sizes, you'll find nightstands with drawers, open display shelves and more featuring classic, hand carved and mid century styles with a range of colours from oakish to light mango, dark mango, deep chestnut and even grey washed. At MalletandPlane.com it's our goal to make sure your bedroom storage is up-to-date and leaves the right impression - the mango wood bedside is our speciality - what you do with this blank canvas is entirely up to you!

The bedside table has long been considered an essential piece of home furniture, considered a necessary part of our sleep-related rituals. Yours may be hand painted, carved mango, light mango or dark mango, it might be oakish or deep chestnut, however - imagine life without one, no-thank-you! However, reflecting back on decades gone by, it is clear that the humble nightstand can seem to have different personas to reflect different stages in our lives. Today, my urban industrial bedside table contains a few books, a light and a glass of water as well as a handy switch to turn all the lights off when its time for sleep (V Useful). More than just a lamp table and somewhere to pop the alarm clock, a few bits of home décor on there will always perk it up. Nevertheless, more than any other piece of bedroom storage, our bedside tables and their contents still retain the power to evoke fond memories of the past and surprise us in the present.

Many of us have a curious insight into the inner workings of our nearest and dearest from simply perousing their bedside tables. First the style of the actual table itself. Is it industrial style, geo mango, hand painted, mid century, rustic or hand carved? Unwittingly, what we find upon it tells its own story and reveals much about a person's lifestyle and habits. With several social media accounts devoted exclusively to this topic, it is clear that fascination in the subject of what is on other people's bedside tables is widespread. We may stumble across anything from new age crystals, anti-depressants, lager cans, condoms or even a TV remote control; however, research has yet to determine if this chaotic or highly ordered placement impacts sleep quality and effectiveness at work. The insight gleaned from such discernment continues to draw both curiosity and invite contemplation on these matters. Aficionados of wood furniture have their interest peeked when perusing the home furniture of others, is this a particular United Kingdom thing? It seems global!

For many of us, a look at our bedside tables can give away different chapters in our personal histories. It serves as a silent diary, with items like empty beer cans or crochet sets hinting at which stage of life we were situated in during the times they stood vigil next to the bed. I'm not sure there's a photo diary of the several ages of mankind's bedside tables but if not, there's an opportunity! The items found on the bedside help to reveal something about ourselves, sometimes without us meaning for them to do so. Unlike Tracey Emin’s work, it can be described as accidental self-expression produced without one's intention; whereas hers is an intentional contemplation of the bedroom space and its secrets. It might surprise onlookers though when they discover just how much we may tell through this otherwise seemingly mundane environment in our bedroom. We tend to spend a lot of time considering our living room furniture but now it seems clear we really shpuld carefully consider the bedroom furniture too! Do you have a penchant for rustic oak or are you more of an light mango wood person? Its quite unusual to find indian furniture built from oak as it is a lot more expensive and of course there is a plentiful supply of sustainably managed solid mango wood due to the mango trees fruit farming operations. With the incredible traditional skill set of the artisan carpenters, there's no end to the creativity in the bedside tables they produce.

A  nightstand offers a reflection of the world inside its owner. More than any other random bedroom furniture such as a wardrobe or chest of drawers, or any old storage cabinets, the nightstand really reflects the life of it's owner. Who needs a display unit when you can just display your inner soul on your trusty nightstand? Rather than merely acting as an accumulation of trinkets and miscellany, it can illustrate an insight into the psyche behind them - subtly revealing the unique quirks of personality that define us all. This was certainly the case with Elon Musk's bedside table – recently tweeted to the world by the man himself - displaying an array of unorthodox items that appeared to illuminate facets of his own character. By pondering what our bedside table says about us, we can gain invaluable understanding about ourselves and our relationship to our own belongings. We normally put a lot of thought into our living room furniture but now we think about it, maybe we should be equally picky about our bedroom furniture too?

Of course, if you're going to bare your soul to whoever happens to find their way into your inner sanctum, make sure it's a really stylish bedside table on display. When it comes to mango wood bedside tables, the mid century style has proven exteremely popular, however the hand painted, carved mango and industrial style also seem perenially good choices. Whatever bedroom furniture you choose, here at MalletandPlane.com we think you could do a lot worse than choose that solid mango wood furniture from our extensive collection of furniture ranges which you'll find on our website. Whether its a bedside table, a console table or a solid mango tv stand, we have it right here. Just be careful what you leave lying around on your bedside table - it may reveal more than you think!

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