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Our standard sized solid wood bedside tables are available in a selection of beautiful finishes including as oak-ish, grey washed and chestnut. All handmade by carpenters and built to last.

Solid Wood Bedsides

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Artisan Furniture Century Curved Chestnut Bedside TableArtisan Furniture Century Curved Chestnut Bedside Table
CENTURY Bedside Table Sale price£149.00 Regular price£185.00
NEWTON Chestnut Circular Bedside - MalletandPlane.comNEWTON Chestnut Circular Bedside - MalletandPlane.com
NEWTON Bedside Table Sale price£175.00
Bloc Artisan Chestnut Bedside - MalletandPlane.comBloc Artisan Chestnut Bedside - MalletandPlane.com
BLOC Bedside Table Sale price£169.00
BLOC solid mango wood open shelf mid-century bedside table in chestnut finish | MalletandPlane.comBLOC solid mango wood open shelf mid-century bedside table in chestnut finish | MalletandPlane.com
REGENT Chestnut Rounded Bedside Table - MalletandPlane.comREGENT Chestnut Rounded Bedside Table - MalletandPlane.com
REGENT Bedside Table Sale price£159.00
BLOC Modern Bedside in Ash Black - MalletandPlane.comBLOC Modern Bedside in Ash Black - MalletandPlane.com
BLOC Bedside Table Ash Black Sale price£175.00
Laylah Bedside Table in matt black mango wood | MalletandPlane.comLaylah Bedside Table in matt black mango wood | MalletandPlane.com
Laylah Bedside Table Sale price£285.00
MODAL Bedside - MalletandPlane.comMODAL Bedside - MalletandPlane.com
MODAL Bedside Table Sale price£159.00
Rounded Bedside Table - MalletandPlane.comRounded Bedside Table - MalletandPlane.com
CAMBRIDGE Bedside Table Sale price£159.00
MOKKA bedside table in natural mango with 2 sliding doors and internal open shelf and drawer | MalletandPlane.comMOKKA bedside table in natural mango with 2 sliding doors and internal open shelf and drawer | MalletandPlane.com
Mokka Bedside Table Sale price£215.00
BOHO Bedside - MalletandPlane.comBOHO Bedside - MalletandPlane.com
BOHO Bedside Table Sale price£175.00
Artisan Furniture BURCOTE Carved Bedside with 2 DrawersArtisan Furniture BURCOTE Carved Bedside with 2 Drawers
BURCOTE Bedside Table Sale price£175.00
Artisan Furniture MARLOWE Brass Metal Slot BedsideArtisan Furniture MARLOWE Brass Metal Slot Bedside
MARLOWE Bedside Table Sale price£175.00

Your Questions About...

Bedside Tables

Do bedside tables have to match?

When choosing a pair of bedside tables, it is important to consider both style andfunction. In terms of style, you may want to choose tables that match the otherfurniture in your bedroom. However, you also need to make sure that the tablesare the right size and shape for your needs. For example, if you plan on using your bedside table for reading, you will need to make sure that it is tall enough to hold a lamp and has a flat surface for placing books. Once you haveconsidered both style and function, you can then decide whether or not youprefer matching bedside tables. While many people prefer having a pair ofidentical tables, there is no rule that says they have to match.


What to put on a bedside table?

Bedside tables come in all shapes and sizes, but what should you put on them? If youhave a small bedside table, then you might want to keep it clear for tasks likereading or writing. A larger bedside table gives you more options, and you might choose to use it for storage or decoration. For example, you could keep a lamp, a vase of flowers, or a picture frame on your bedside table. You could also use it to store items like your alarm clock, your book, or your glasses. Ultimately, it's up to you how you use your bedside table. But with a little bit of thought, you can turn it into a stylish and functional part of yourbedroom.


What colour bedside tables go with a grey bed?

Selecting the right bedside table can be tricky- you want something that will complement your bed and bedroom furniture, but also make a statement in its own right. If you're stuck on what colour bedside table to go for, why not try a natural wood grain? Bedside tables with drawers are ideal for storing all your night-time essentials, and the light colour will help to brighten up your bedroom. If you're looking for more bedside tables ideas, why not try a mismatched pair? Bedside tables don't have to match perfectly, so you can get creative and mix and match different colours, materials and textures to create your own unique look.


How high should bedside tables be?

Bedside tables are an important part of any bedroom. They provide a place to put a lamp, alarm clock, book, or other item that you need within reach while you are in bed. But how high should bedside tables be? The answer may depend on the size and style of the bedside table. Smaller, more compact bedside tables can be as low as 50cm, while larger bedside tables may be up to 71cm tall. If you have a slim bedside table, it may be best to keep it on the lower side so that it does not look out of proportion. Ultimately, the decision of how high to make your bedside table is up to you. Just be sure to pick a height that is comfortablefor you and that will not block your view of the door or window.


Where to get bedside tables

You may ask yourself where is the best place to get bedside tables? Well there's certainly a lot of choice out there so in the first instance consider what the existing decor is in your room. Are you going for an eclectic boho vibe or a more modern contemporary look? Do you want ready assembled or are you
happy to do the assembly yourself? We aren’t at all biased, but MalletandPlane.com has a wonderful selection of bedside tables, handmade from solid wood and ready for immediate despatch. Check out the collection, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect choice.


What’s the difference between a bedside table and a nightstand?

 Is this a trick question? Well from our extensive research we found the following: A bedside table is a small table or cabinet that is placed next to a bed. A nightstand is a piece of furniture that is specifically designed to be used as a bedside table. Nightstands are usually taller than bedside tables, and they often have drawers or shelves for storage. Bedside tables can be used for any type of storage, but nightstands are typically used to hold items such as alarm clocks, books, and lamps. Nightstands are also sometimes called bedside cabinets. Hope that clears it up!

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